Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Romance De Amour

Romance de Amour 1加1等于3 is a Chinese drama serial in Singapore aired in 2003. It has 30 episodes. Jacelyn Tay sings the theme song of the show. The show stars Li Nanxing, Aileen Tan, Jacelyn Tay, Pan Lingling, Lin Meijiao, Rayson Tan, Huang Shinan, Patricia Mok and Zhang Wei.


The show was nominated Best Drama Serial. Aileen Tan and Jacelyn Tay were nominated Best Actress and Lin Meijiao was nominated Best Supporting Actress during the Star Awards 2003. But all 3 of them lost to actresses from Holland V.


Romance De Amour is set against a beauty centre operated by three good friends . Viewers will get to see how these three good friends get embroiled in various relationship problems and how each reacts to it.

Aileen Tan plays Kangli a beautiful and elegant lady who is successful in her career. But her love life is a mess. She has been involved with a mature, caring and successful man, Huang Weide for seven years. However, Weide is married to Xu Fangni whose family is powerful and rich. Realizing that Weide will not divorce his wife, Kangli decides to end the affair for good and starts seeing Zheng Xuelun . Just when the turmoil surrounding the love triangle finally subsides, Kangli is diagnosed with a brain tumour. Upon hearing that, Weide gives up everything to stay by Kangli's side much to his wife's discontentment. Unable to bear the thought of losing her husband to a dying woman, Fangni plots her revenge.

The other lead in this drama is Qinghui , a capable woman with good business acumen. But where affairs of the hearts are concerned, she has her reservations about men and like Kangli, she is secretly in love with Weide. On the other hand, Huisi is the 'family and husband come first' type of woman. She is blessed with 2 daughters and a caring and loving husband, Qipeng .

One fighting for her life, one fighting to keep her family together and one ends up betraying her friend. How will it turn out for the three friends who were once happily running their beauty centre?

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