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Metamorphosis (TV series)

Metamorphosis is a Singaporean action drama which is being telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on 18 September 2007, screening at 2100 hours every night on weekdays. The serial consists of 20 episodes. In the last few episodes, the serial recorded a viewership rate of over 1 million and was awarded the "Best Drama Series Award" in the Star Awards 2007. Yvonne Lim also received the "Best Actress Award" in the same event.


The Special Police Operations

* Rui En as An Xiaoqian
* Chen Hanwei as Ouyang Li
* Terence Cao as Di Lun
* Chen Guo Hua as Cao Zhongming
* Ng Hui as Mya Sun Meiya
* Julian Hee as Meng Tianbao

Dragontooth Organization

* Yvonne Lim as Wen Wanrou
* Ix Shen as Ryan Wu Chengyi
* Thomas Ong as Hu Xicun
* Nick Shen as Zhang Shaoqi


Crisis #1

Members of the secret society are fighting for power. Assassin Swift Blade has already murdered two secret society leaders. Detectives Ouyang and Di Lun manage to corner Swift Blade. Xin Mei, mistress of secret society leader Rattlesnake , is held hostage by Swift Blade. Ouyang decides to open fire at Swift Blade, causing Xin Mei to die as well.

Xin Mei’s death infuriates Rattlesnake, resulting in Red Pig’s murder. Rattlesnake is arrested by the police. However, the police discover that Rattlesnake is not the murderer after all. The true suspect behind the murder appears to be Blood Rose , Rattlesnake’s wife. Blood Rose has always been bitter about her husband’s affair and has every reason to set a trap to let Rattlesnake and Red Pig bring harm to each other, while letting Rattlesnake take the blame for murder.

However, Red Pig’s real murderer turns out to be someone unexpected. When the police are hot on the heels of the murderer, they discover that the latter has been killed. The method of murder is exactly the same as Red Pig’s: four bullets shot directly to the body. There is even evidence leading to the identity of this new mysterious killer. It appears that someone has been carrying out capital punishment in secret...

Crisis #2

While investigation of the identity of the killer continues, news of a horrific murder comes about once more. A dismembered female body has been discovered. The police suspect that Jin Yongjian , boss of a mechanic workshop, is the murderer. Yong Jian is a patient of Wen Wanrou , a psychiatrist, and has fallen in love with her. The police arrest him, but discover that Wan Rou has disappeared at the same time. They suspect that Yongjian has captured Wanrou before he was arrested.

Ouyang and his team try every means to force a confession out of Yong Jian with regards to Wanrou’s whereabouts. The case complicates further when they discover that he has split personality disorder. Finally, Wanrou is successfully rescued, but she has already suffered irreparable trauma.

Crisis #3

During an operation to hunt down the mysterious killer, Ouyang unintentionally causes an accident during a car chase, taking the lives of Wanrou’s father and younger brother Pin Liang . Her mother was so affected that she had an heart attack and passed away. Wanrou is thrown into sudden darkness from the painful loss of her family. Her life begins to change dramatically.

The mysterious killer captured by Ouyang has been silenced by someone else. As the police investigate the identity of the killer, they slowly uncover the presence of an vigilante organisation known as Dragontooth. This mysterious group has apparently been carrying out acts of ‘justice’, meting out capital punishment to criminals who they deem deserve to die.

Crisis #4

At this point, a male body is found, exposing a complicated string of love affairs between the protagonists involved in the case. The deceased is Leon , a male prostitute. He had a girlfriend as well as several love affairs. Everyone involved in this case seems to have a motive for murder, creating more complexity and confusion. One of the suspects, Melinda , is murdered soon after.

After an intensive investigation by the police, they arrest Gina , Gina had suspected her husband, Zhao Shi Qiang , of having an homosexual affair with Leon and had killed Leon in a fit of jealousy. Just when everyone thinks that the case has been solved, Dragontooth strikes again to mete out disciplinary action on the real killer. The truth is thus revealed; Gina did not murder Leon.

Final Crisis

Ouyang and Di Lun chase down the clues to the case. They suspect that Ryan Wu is a member of Dragontooth and forensic expert, Hu Xicun is in fact the leader of Dragontooth.

An Xiao-qian sets a trap for Xicun to lure Ryan out so that Dragontooth can be captured in one swoop. They manage to capture Xicun successfully. At this moment, Ouyang receives a call to that his foster mother Ouyang Su has been held hostage by Dragontooth. Ouyang is made to promise to rescue Xicun. With no other choice, Ouyang agrees and saves Xi Cun. However, he has already become a common enemy of Dragontooth. Not long after, Ryan’s body is discovered. At the scene of the murder, numerous evidence found point towards Ouyang as the murderer.


The police hunt down Ouyang. Ouyang, unwilling to admit defeat, becomes a wanted man. He escapes, secretly carries out his own investigations and discovers that someone close to him is involved with Dragontooth and framing him for Ryan's murder.

Xicun also finds out that a member has been going against Dragontooth’s principles in the quest for revenge. Now, he plans to discipline this errant offender with capital punishment personally...



The serial generated largely positive reviews from critics and recorded a viewership of over a million in its final episodes.

The serial received two nominations in the Star Awards 2007, but despite that, the serial managed to win both awards .

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