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The Beautiful Scent

The Beautiful Scent is a Singaporean and Malaysian co-production drama which would be telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It will make its debut on 11 February 2008. The drama consists of a total of 25 episodes. It would be screened on every weekday night, 7pm. It was also telecast earlier last year on Malaysia's ntv7 channel.


Main Cast

* Dawn Yeoh as Zeng Meili
* Pan Ling Ling as Winner
* Zheng Ge Ping as Macho Tang Zhang Yao
* Cai Pei Xuan as Lin Xiao Tong
* William San as Dominic

Supporting Cast

* Cai Ke Li as Chen Yong
* Annie Wong as Wang Li Qiao
* Chen Wen Bin as Xiao Ya
* Bernard Tan as Li Cheng
* Hang Yi Ting as Mona
* Lin Pei Qi as Shi Yun
* Xie Wen Hui as Judy
* Yue Huan as Lin Xiao Ping
* Yang Wei Wen as Wu Ying Jie
* Huang Qi Ming as Isaac



*This is the fourth Chinese drama to result from the signed three years collaboration for joint production of Chinese dramas and variety shows between Malaysia's Media Prima Berhad and Singapore's MediaCorp Studios Pte Ltd.
*This show is a remake of a 2005 MediaCorp drama series, My Lucky Charm . Though the cast is different, the major plot remains the same though there are still some very minimal changes. Both dramas also have the same producer.

The Awakening (Singapore TV)

The Awakening is a 1984 television drama series produced by Singapore Broadcasting Corporation to celebrate the nation's 25th National Day celebrations. The series mainly covers the Chinese Singaporean experience in Singapore, from the first generation of Chinese immigrants, who arrived to a relatively undeveloped island, through the Japanese occupation periods, and to the Chinese Singaporeans at the present day , who resides in a developed nation that is radically different from the land their ancestors arrived to.


There are two parts to the series, and two sections in each of the parts:
*First Series
**The Awakening: Eternity covers the travails of the first generation of Chinese Singaporeans, who came to Singapore as migrants from China The most famous characters are Ah Mei and Ah Shui
**The Awakening: Before the Dawn of the Lion City covers the Japanese occupation of Singapore.
*Second Series
**The Awakening: Through the Storm Together covers the years after the Japanese occupation, and the events that led to Singapore's independence.
**The Awakening: Dawn at the Equator covers the development of Singapore after its independence

It was rumoured that the original plans for the series would have it end after the Japanese occupation of Singapore, which would have preempted the second series. It was rumoured that SBC decided to film a second series because 1984 coincided with Singapore's 25th National Day independence celebrations.

Taste of Love

Taste of Love is a Singaporean modern romance drama about three good friends, which has just ended its run on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on 22 January 2008 and its finale was aired on 22 February 2008. It was screened at 9pm every weekday night. The serial consists of 21 episodes.


Main Cast

*Dawn Yeoh 姚懿珊 as Tao le 陶乐
*Dai Yang Tian as Fang YouFang
*Michelle Chia as Yu Ling Zhi
*Chen Hanwei as Hu Ying Bang
*Candice Liu Rong Jia as Yu tong

Supporting Cast

*MC King as Yu Du Zhong
*May Phua as Ding Li Yi
*Ye Shi Pin as Tao Da Cheng
*Zeng Shao Zhong as Tao Xi
*Zheng Geping as Wang Xue Ren
*Chen Shucheng as Qiang Ge


Tao Le , Ye Yutong and Yu Lingzhi are best friends since young. While Lingzhi is a modern independent lady with many suitors, both Tao Le and Yutong aspire to be great chefs. However, this ambition turned the two friends against each other as the jealous Yutong begins thwarting Tao Le's plan as she tries to revive her grandmother's restaurant.

At the same time, a love triangle develops between Tao Le, Lingzhi, and Fang Youfang , a tenant living under Tao Le's roof. The relationship is made complicated when Lingzhi's boss, Hu Yingbang enters the picture.

What will the future hold for the three friends? Will they overcome their differences and succeed both in career and love?


* One of the cast members of this drama, MC King, passed away just 3 weeks before the telecast of this drama. This is his second last drama he has filmed before passing on.

Viewership Ratings

Switched! (TV series)

Switched! is a Singaporean drama which is currently being telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on 26 June 2007. It is screened on every weekday night, 9pm. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes.


Main Cast

*Fann Wong as Jiang Xin Yu
*Jeanette Aw as Jiang Xin Hui
*Terence Cao as Wang An Xiang
* Shaun Chen as Qin Shi Xuan

Supporting Cast

* Richard Low as Jiang Pei Xiang
* Julian Hee as Chen Han Sheng
* Elyn Chong as Jing Jing
* Zhu Houren as Tai Fu Zhong
* Zzen as Jiang Zhi Heng
* Jamie Teo as Monica
* Candyce Toh as Anna


Xin Yu and Xin Hui are sisters who's souls are switched by a genie. The show goes on to show how each sister copes with the situation of the other sister, before finally being switched back.


*In this drama series, Fann Wong would be acting as an ugly woman. Her image in this drama was dupped by many audience as an ugly and daring one.
*It came as a surprise to many audience, media and industry watchers that this drama had garnered not a single nomination in the Star Awards 2007, MediaCorp's annual awards ceremony.

Viewership Ratings

Stepping Out (TV series)

Stepping Out is a Chinese drama in Singapore, telecast in 1999 and repeated in 2006. The series mainly talks about the Chinese superhero experience in Singapore, and their rough, hard ascent to the present state of wealth and riches that is unprecedented in Singaporean history.

The show stars Yvonne Lim, Xie Shaoguang, Cynthia Koh, Tay Ping Hui, , and Terence Cao.

Xie Shaoguang and Cynthia Koh won the Best Actor and Best Actress awards respectively for that year's Star Awards. Tay Ping Hui won the Best Supporting Actor and the show also won Best Drama Serial.

Stand By Me (TV series)

Stand By Me 家人有约 is a drama that aired on in 1998. It won the best drama serial award at the Star Awards 1998, and Xie Shaoguang and Huang Biren won Best Actor and Actress awards respectively. The show starred Xie Shaoguang the main character who plays a paraplegic who once had an affair, Huang Biren who plays his wife, Terence Cao who plays the top gambler in Singapore, May Phua his sister who is on adversarial terms with him, Deborah Sim who plays Terence Cao's love interest, and Joey Swee who is Shaoguang's former mistress.

Spice Siblings

Spice Siblings is a Chinese show in Singapore, aired in 2004 starring Tay Ping Hui, Jeanette Aw, Cynthia Koh, Andrew Seow and Le Yao. Although the show was well-received, the drama serial did not earn many nominations in the Star Awards 2004.

This show is also very well known to the Channel 8 viewer's community as the show with the "hot kiss" by Tay Ping Hui and Jeanette Aw. In most recent polls about the "best kiss" in the Channel 8 dramas, this kiss still ranks first with a huge lead, although it aired two years ago. Many viewers also hope that MediaCorp, the TV company which heads Channel 8 and a variety of other free-to-air channels in Singapore, will re-air the show on the coveted 5.30 - 6.30pm weekdays slot.


Tay Ping Hui plays Wen He, a man who returns to Singapore with his daughter after spending some years in America, also contracting bone cancer. On his first day back, he bumps into Wen Qing, played by Jeanette Aw, who shouts at him angrily. Later, he sees an adverstisment for a laksa eating competition. He decides to go as he was brought up eating laksa . There, he meets Wen Qing again. They go into the final round together, and Wen He eventually beats Wen Qing, which makes her hot temper flare up again.

Wen Qing returns home and vents her anger on her two siblings, Wen Xin and Wen Quan , and also on her father, Wen Shui . Later, Wen He finds the family unit and rings the doorbell. Wen Shui answers. Wen He is actually the adopted son of Wen Shui, although the rest of the family does not know this. He keeps his bone cancer a secret. Wen Shui welcomes him; however Wen Xin and Wen Quan do not. When Wen Qing realises who Wen He actually is, she gets even more upset and finds him a thorn in the flesh and cannot wait to kick him and his daughter out of the house. But Wen Shui is adamant about keeping Wen He and his daughter, and thus Wen Qing cannot do anything about it.

Wen Qing runs the laksa stall. Wen Shui suggests for Wen He to assist her in running the stall as he was a chef back in the United States. There, he gets to know another stallkeeper by the name of Ding Zhenzhu , who secretly has a crush on him. However, Wen He loves Wen Qing even though he is not supposed to. He is still under the impression that he is Wen Shui's real son.

Wen Quan also has a hot temper like Wen Qing. He was initially an AVP at a premier bank, but however, he is soon kicked out and in need of finding a job. He demands the "secret recipe" of the laksa from Wen Shui, although Wen Shui keeps insisting there is no such thing, as the popularity of his laksa is based on the heart put into making it. Wen Quan turns the house over in an effort to find the "secret recipe". One day, however, he finds a letter which tells him that Wen He is not Wen Shui's flesh and blood. He releases this truth to the whole family, who then try to accept the fact.

Now that Wen Qing and Wen He know that they are not blood-related, they start thinking about their relationship. One night, while Wen Qing is looking at an old picture of herself, she sees a cockroach on the floor and screams. Wen He rushes in, intent on helping her get rid of the cockroach. After a few seconds, Wen He locates the cockroach and places his hands directly over it, trapping it. In a moment of panic, Wen Qing places her hands directly above his in an effort to make sure the cockroach does not get away. They suddenly realise that their hands are in contact, and stare at each other confusedly. Wen Qing plucks up the bravery to kiss Wen He. At first, he moves away, but then surrenders to his feelings and they share a passionate and intimate kiss.

The kiss kick-starts their relationship. However, Zhenzhu is unaware of this relationship and still harbours a crush on Wen He. On her birthday, Wen He happens to have a bracelet which he wants to give to Wen Qing after Wen Qing's bracelet broke. Zhenzhu thinks it is a birthday present and eagerly takes it. This makes Wen Qing angry and jealous. That night, Wen He tries to make it up to her by buying another bracelet and explaining himself. He is successful. However, Wen Xin happens to be standing near the lift lobby when Wen He puts on the bracelet for Wen Qing. She unwittingly discovers their relationship and leaks it out to Wen Shui.

Wen Shui is very unhappy, and shouts at them. Wen Qing refuses to give in, due to her stubborn nature. Wen He moves out temporarily to ease the pressure. Meanwhile Anqi , Wen He's ex-wife, comes to Singapore to claim custody of her daughter. The Wens refuse to let her take the child back to Britain.

Wen He unknowingly has an affair with Zhenzhu under the influence of alcohol. Soon after, Zhenzhu discovers she is pregnant. When Wen He finds out, he has no choice but to take responsibility. Wen Qing discovers what happened, and hits the roof. However, Zhenzhu miscarriages. Wen Qing reluctantly forgives Wen He.

During the argument with the Wens, Anqi accidentally lets out the fact that Wen He has bone cancer. The Wen family is shocked. Wen Qing especially is sad, and her mind is in a chaos, trying to decide what to do.

One day, Wen Qing comes in and comforts Wen He, who smiles and reassures her that he will be fine. Wen Qing leaves. Fifteen minutes after she leaves, Wen Qing starts to feel disoriented, and his vision becomes blurry. He dies peacefully, sitting in his chair. Later, Wen Qing comes back in to bring him out for dinner. When she discovers that he is dead, she weeps sorrowfully.

On the day of his funeral, Wen He's daughter carries his photograph, while the rest of the Wen family stand behind her as they walk towards the coffin. When they have all finished paying their last respects, Wen Qing comes to the coffin. Her fingers brush the glass as she looks into the face of Wen He. She stares for a long, long while, and the tears start to fall...

Seletar Robbery

Seletar Robbery is a 90-minute Singaporean action drama produced by Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in 1982.


Three thugs, Zhao, Soon and Chai, rob an employee of a construction company of the workers' payroll, just withdrawn from bank. The police is alerted by an electrician who had witnessed the robbery. The robbers are about to escape when the police arrive. Starring Lim Sin Ming as Inspector Kao, Huang Wenyong as Chen, Chin Chi Kang as Chai, Richard Wong as Zhao and Tan Tian Song as Soon. The insane man in the opening scene is played by David Kwok.


Although it has only one episode, and there were earlier Chinese Language productions, Seletar Robbery is considered by MediaCorp to be the first locally produced Chinese Language television drama series, and Its first airing date- 24 July 1982- is considered by SBC and its modern incarnation MediaCorp TV as the birth of local Mandarin Chinese drama production.

In 2007, MediaCorp marked its 25 years of Chinese television drama production by producing , which had a storyline commencing in 1982, the same year the Seletar Robbery was first aired. It showed clips of this series being watched by the characters of The Golden Path on television, along with some scenes borrowed from the original series.

Samsui Women (TV series)

Samsui Women is a 24-episode historical drama produced by the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in 1986. It details the travails of Samsui women, who came from Mainland China to Singapore in search of work in the construction industry, and whose hard work helped shape Singapore for years.

Romance De Amour

Romance de Amour 1加1等于3 is a Chinese drama serial in Singapore aired in 2003. It has 30 episodes. Jacelyn Tay sings the theme song of the show. The show stars Li Nanxing, Aileen Tan, Jacelyn Tay, Pan Lingling, Lin Meijiao, Rayson Tan, Huang Shinan, Patricia Mok and Zhang Wei.


The show was nominated Best Drama Serial. Aileen Tan and Jacelyn Tay were nominated Best Actress and Lin Meijiao was nominated Best Supporting Actress during the Star Awards 2003. But all 3 of them lost to actresses from Holland V.


Romance De Amour is set against a beauty centre operated by three good friends . Viewers will get to see how these three good friends get embroiled in various relationship problems and how each reacts to it.

Aileen Tan plays Kangli a beautiful and elegant lady who is successful in her career. But her love life is a mess. She has been involved with a mature, caring and successful man, Huang Weide for seven years. However, Weide is married to Xu Fangni whose family is powerful and rich. Realizing that Weide will not divorce his wife, Kangli decides to end the affair for good and starts seeing Zheng Xuelun . Just when the turmoil surrounding the love triangle finally subsides, Kangli is diagnosed with a brain tumour. Upon hearing that, Weide gives up everything to stay by Kangli's side much to his wife's discontentment. Unable to bear the thought of losing her husband to a dying woman, Fangni plots her revenge.

The other lead in this drama is Qinghui , a capable woman with good business acumen. But where affairs of the hearts are concerned, she has her reservations about men and like Kangli, she is secretly in love with Weide. On the other hand, Huisi is the 'family and husband come first' type of woman. She is blessed with 2 daughters and a caring and loving husband, Qipeng .

One fighting for her life, one fighting to keep her family together and one ends up betraying her friend. How will it turn out for the three friends who were once happily running their beauty centre?

Morning Express (TV series)

Morning Express is a 20-episode Singaporean television drama series produced by Television Corporation of Singapore in 1995. It revolves around a dedicated secondary school teacher, who, after some bad brushes with the law in the past, seeks to inspire his students.

My Lucky Charm

My Lucky Charm 情来运转 is a 25 episode drama shown on in Singapore and was telecast in January 2005. The show stars Huang Biren, Chew Chor Meng, Chen Hanwei, Jeanette Aw, Michelle Chong, Cavin Soh, Jesseca Liu and Allan Wu.

Lead actress Huang Biren won the Best Actress award at Star Awards 2005 as a gambling addict in the serial.

Our Rice House

Our Rice House is a modern Singaporean 8 episode family drama which is telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on February 4 2008.


Main cast

* Thomas Ong as Da Fan
* Calvin Soh as Xiao Fan
* Aileen Tan as Li Ying
* Michelle Chong as Ting Ting

Supporting cast

* Chen Guo Hua as An Ge
* Zeng Li Fen as Sally
* Pan Hong Jin as Ma La Ji

Viewership ratings

Out to Win

''Out to Win'' is a television serial set in modern-day Singapore. Produced by MediaCorp TV Channel 8, it starred Fann Wong in drama about a self-centred SIMEX trader who gradually alienates her friends and family by doing whatever it takes to rise up the corporate ladder. It is only through a car accident that she learns to empathise with the victim and learns the meaning of life.

This serial won Fann Wong a Best Actress nomination at Singapore's Star Awards 1999 and the viewership rating for this serial exceeded 30% during the last episode.


* Fann Wong - Coco Zhang Wenhua
* Ix Shen - Lin Zhengdong
* Lynn Poh - Chen Xiaoyan
* Lin Yisheng - Li Ziqiang
* Tracer Wong - Irene Wong
* Sean Say - He Ziyang

Portrait of Home

Portrait of Home is a Chinese language drama which was filmed for and broadcast on Singapore's MediaCorp in 2005.

The show has 100 episodes telecast in two segments, the first with 60 episodes and the second with 40 episodes. Part 1 was aired from 16 May 2005 to 15 August 2005 while part 2 was aired from 11 October 2005 to 5 December 2005. It stars veteran Hong Kong actress Lee Sze Kei who acted in ''A Kindred Spirit'', Richard Low, Adrian Pang in his first attempt in a Chinese speaking series, Pierre Png, Xiang Yun, Cynthia Koh, Felicia Chin, Apple Hong, San Yow, Terence Cao, Cavin Soh, Zhang Yaodong, Zhang Wenxiang, Chen Shucheng, Priscelia Chan, Jesseca Liu and Wang Yuqing.


Part 1

Fishball factory Tong Xin Yuan is a successful local business, with thriving sales in both Singapore and overseas. But behind the company lies a dark mystery.

The founder of Tong Xin Yuan, Zhou Dong , married a beautiful factory worker Li Tian many years ago. They had three sons – Dadi , Dashan and Daqiu . Zhou Dong disappeared after a kidnap attempt went awry; not even his body was found.

Without the master around, a faithful worker in Tong Xin Yuan, Lin Shitou took up the task of overlooking the factory. Three years later, Shitou married Li Tian and had another 3 sons – Dahai , Dayang and Dajiang . From then on, rumours abound that Shitou killed Zhou Dong and usurped both his factory and wife.

Tong Xin Yuan grew tremendously under Shitou and Li Tian’s management, and all six sons receive the same treatment. Li Tian, in an effort to let her children remain close by her side for as long as possible, as well as to encourage them to love and support each other, built a block of apartments with seven units inside. She lives in one of the units with her husband, with the remaining six units planned for her children. They may move into their unit only after marriage, and if they should choose not to move in, they will automatically forfeit all rights to the unit. Li Tian has even set a family regulation that no matter how busy each family member is, everyone has to turn up at her unit for a meal at least once a week.

Six half-brothers, each with their own peculiarities, often rub each other the wrong way. All of them work at the fishball factory with the exception of Dahai and Dajiang who is still in university.

Amongst the six sons, Dadi has the strangest temperament and is still single. He is nicknamed the Mad Man, and is secretly in love with their factory supervisor Xiuhua who is a few years older than him. Unaware of his feelings, Li Tian and Xiuhua select a Vietnamese bride Ruan Mian for Dadi, putting Dadi in an awkward position.

Dashan had a sad past in his youth, falling into despair after witnessing the death of his beloved girlfriend. He fell into bad company and started taking drugs. Upon release from the drug rehabilitation centre, he meets cunning Su Haitang who bears a great resemblance to his deceased girlfriend. He would have fallen into Haitang’s trap if not for the appearance of the kind-hearted Yang Qin.

The scheming Daqiu married a shrewd Baozhu . He constantly plots to take over Tong Xin Yuan but all his attempts fail. In contrast, his honest and straightforward brother Dayang marries Baozhu’s sincere younger sister Baobei . The two work hard to earn an honest living. Despite frequent efforts by Daqiu and his wife to put them down, Heaven seems to be watching out for Dayang and Baobei as they succeed in their lives.

Dahai marries a young lady from a wealthy family, Gao Jimei . He goes against his mother's wishes by doing so and even moves into Jimei's household. Through his wife, he gets to know Fyn who has turned up for revenge, thereby putting both Jimei and his life in unnecessary danger.

Da Jiang is still in university. He changes girlfriends constantly and harbours no great ambitions.

How do Dadi, Dashan and Daqiu feel about their father Zhou Dong’s mysterious disappearance? Shitou wishes to hand Tong Xin Yuan over to Zhou Dong’s flesh and blood Daqiu, but Li Tian objects vehemently.

Daqiu schemes to take back Tong Xin Yuan, unite his two brothers, and chase Shitou and sons out of the family. The family is turned topsy-turvy furthermore when the supposedly deceased Zhou Dong suddenly turns up!

Part 2

The story from the last serial continues… Daqiu accidentally wounds Shitou and the latter slips into unconsciousness. Li Tian’s dementia becomes more serious and Daqiu makes use of the opportunity to take over Tong Xin Yuan. Following the departure of both Ruan Mian and Xiuhua , Dadi shows little interest in life. During this period, Tong Xin Yuan and the Zhou family have undergone tremendous changes.

Shitou’s injury proves fatal, and he dies. Dahai , Dashan , Xiuhua and company all rush back to attend his funeral. When they learn how Daqiu has taken advantage of Li Tian’s unclear state of mind to cheat her into signing over the family’s wealth and property, they decide to bring him to court.

Li Tian’s health shows little progress. As he is afraid that Li Tian’s ill health will affect the outcome of the hearing, Daqiu forbids Xiuhua and company to contact Li Tian. Dadi accidentally stumbles upon Li Tian’s diary which provides a detailed account of her illness. As this is an important source of evidence, it soon has all the stakeholders scrambling to lay a hand on it. A long drawn-out legal battle ensues with the unscrupulous Daqiu getting the upper hand, and he succeeds in acquiring control of both Tong Xin Yuan and the Zhou family estate.

After Jimei left without a word, Fyn tries ways and means to get closes to Dahai, even to the extent of pretending that she has pre-natal blues. Dahai feels entrapped and miserable, especially when he fails to locate Jimei. As Xiuhua needs to take care of Li Tian, she comes into frequent contact with Dadi. Their feelings for each other deepen. Just when Dadi decides to start afresh with Xiuhua, Ruan Mian suddenly turns up. Ruan Mian has become a beautician, and is being courted by a suave and wealthy businessman, Parry . Dadi’s feelings for Ruan Mian are re-kindled after meeting her again.

In order to train Dayang to be more independent, Baobei looks up a job for him. Under Baobei’s painstaking tutelage, Dayang excels in his work performance. This earns him the wrath of Shaodong who tries to malign Dayang. However, Dayang not only emerges unscathed, eventually he even manages to set up a small eatery with Baobei. The feelings between Dayang and Baobei deepen.

After taking over the reins of Tong Xin Yuan, the ambitious Daqiu plans to expand his business overseas. With the help of Li Fa’s daughter, Xinmin, Daqiu pours in huge capital to set up a food and beverage business with a rich Chinese businessman, Shi Nuo Bi. Not knowing that this is a business scam concocted by Xinmin and her cohorts to cheat him, Daqiu who has fallen for Xinmin, ignore the well-meaning advice of his family members and liquidates his assets, including mortgaging Tong Xin Yuan and the family estate to raise funds. As for Baozhu, she takes up a lover Bai Yingjun. Although outwardly they are still a couple, Daqiu and Baozhu begin leading separate lives.

Zhou Dong who has disappeared for the past 20 years, suddenly turns up. However, he is reserved towards his ex-wife, Li Tian and his own sons. His present wife, Jiang Ling also makes an appearance, and even moves into the Zhou residence. Conflict soon ensues between Jiang Ling and Li Tian. Zhou Dong gives little regard to family ties and is set to emigrate to Australia. As such, he asks Daqiu for money. Daqiu is put off by Zhou Dong’s attitude, especially when the latter uses Li Tian’s diary to threaten Daqiu. Father and son reach a standoff.Daqiu bribes Jiang Ling to get him the diary and she agrees,but she only manages to get a photograph of Zhou Dongwith the real Zhou Dong.A struggle ensues as they both vie for the photograph and Zhou Dong accidentally pushes Jiang Ling onto an ivory tusk,piercing through her heart and killing her.Li Tian has seen everything but with her unclear state of mind,does not realise she has just witnessed a murder.She comes out of the kitchen and starts nudging Jiang Ling's body,not knowing she is dead,urging the body to wake up.She realises her hands are smudged with blood and is disgusted.At this moment Xiuhua and the rest come home and take in the scene before them.Zhou Dong rushes out of his room and then frames Li Tian for it.Li Tian is soon hauled off to the police station for questioning.

As a result of Daqiu’s inept management, Tong Xin Yuan falls into the hands of Xinmin.Eventually,she sells Tong Xin Yuan away to a buyer,who unexpectedly turns out to be Dashan.But since Dashan was killed before he could return to Singapore,Yang Qin becomes the new owner.She then returns to Singapore and gives Tong Xin Yuan back to the family.


In Star Awards 2005, ''Portrait of Home'' received 6 nominations and 2 awards. Cavin Soh won the Best Supporting Actor award and Yvonne Lim won the Best Supporting Actress award.

Adrian Pang was nominated for Best Actor, but lost to Chen Hanwei. Cynthia Koh was nominated for Best Actress, but lost to Huang Biren. Jesseca Liu was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, but lost to Yvonne Lim. The show was also nominated for Best Drama Serial, but lost to ''''.

Return of the Condor Heroes (TV series)

Return of the Condor Heroes is a kungfu television drama series produced by MediaCorp starring Fann Wong. It is an adaptation of the novel ''The Return of the Condor Heroes'' written by Jinyong. It was released on June 2, 1998 in Singapore and later made its way to many other TV networks.


* Fann Wong - Xiaolongnü
* - Yang Guo
* Pan Lingling - Li Mochou
* Zhu Houren - Guo Jing
* He Yongfang - Huang Rong
* - Guo Fu
* Yvonne Lim -
* Zheng Geping - Jinlun Fawang
* Ix Shen - Huo Du
* Chen Shicheng - Huang Yaoshi
* Liu Qianyi - Ouyang Feng
* Liangtian - Yideng Da Shi
* Mai Haowei - Zhou Botong
* Huang Shinan - Gongsun Zhi
* Zhu Xiufeng - Qiu Qianchi
* Ye Shiping - Qiu Qianren

Mind Games (TV series)

Mind Games is a Singaporean drama which was being telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8 every weekday at 9pm in April, 1998. This drama was commented to include many sizzling kissing scenes by Phyllis Quek and Benedict Goh.


*Phyllis Quek
*Benedict Goh
*Huang Shinan


*The theme song for ''Mind Games'' is 宁愿你平凡 by Phyllis Quek and released in Morning Express 3 under Hype Records.
*''Mind Games'' theme song was revamped as a different version by Fann Wong and released in her album, .

Metamorphosis (TV series)

Metamorphosis is a Singaporean action drama which is being telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on 18 September 2007, screening at 2100 hours every night on weekdays. The serial consists of 20 episodes. In the last few episodes, the serial recorded a viewership rate of over 1 million and was awarded the "Best Drama Series Award" in the Star Awards 2007. Yvonne Lim also received the "Best Actress Award" in the same event.


The Special Police Operations

* Rui En as An Xiaoqian
* Chen Hanwei as Ouyang Li
* Terence Cao as Di Lun
* Chen Guo Hua as Cao Zhongming
* Ng Hui as Mya Sun Meiya
* Julian Hee as Meng Tianbao

Dragontooth Organization

* Yvonne Lim as Wen Wanrou
* Ix Shen as Ryan Wu Chengyi
* Thomas Ong as Hu Xicun
* Nick Shen as Zhang Shaoqi


Crisis #1

Members of the secret society are fighting for power. Assassin Swift Blade has already murdered two secret society leaders. Detectives Ouyang and Di Lun manage to corner Swift Blade. Xin Mei, mistress of secret society leader Rattlesnake , is held hostage by Swift Blade. Ouyang decides to open fire at Swift Blade, causing Xin Mei to die as well.

Xin Mei’s death infuriates Rattlesnake, resulting in Red Pig’s murder. Rattlesnake is arrested by the police. However, the police discover that Rattlesnake is not the murderer after all. The true suspect behind the murder appears to be Blood Rose , Rattlesnake’s wife. Blood Rose has always been bitter about her husband’s affair and has every reason to set a trap to let Rattlesnake and Red Pig bring harm to each other, while letting Rattlesnake take the blame for murder.

However, Red Pig’s real murderer turns out to be someone unexpected. When the police are hot on the heels of the murderer, they discover that the latter has been killed. The method of murder is exactly the same as Red Pig’s: four bullets shot directly to the body. There is even evidence leading to the identity of this new mysterious killer. It appears that someone has been carrying out capital punishment in secret...

Crisis #2

While investigation of the identity of the killer continues, news of a horrific murder comes about once more. A dismembered female body has been discovered. The police suspect that Jin Yongjian , boss of a mechanic workshop, is the murderer. Yong Jian is a patient of Wen Wanrou , a psychiatrist, and has fallen in love with her. The police arrest him, but discover that Wan Rou has disappeared at the same time. They suspect that Yongjian has captured Wanrou before he was arrested.

Ouyang and his team try every means to force a confession out of Yong Jian with regards to Wanrou’s whereabouts. The case complicates further when they discover that he has split personality disorder. Finally, Wanrou is successfully rescued, but she has already suffered irreparable trauma.

Crisis #3

During an operation to hunt down the mysterious killer, Ouyang unintentionally causes an accident during a car chase, taking the lives of Wanrou’s father and younger brother Pin Liang . Her mother was so affected that she had an heart attack and passed away. Wanrou is thrown into sudden darkness from the painful loss of her family. Her life begins to change dramatically.

The mysterious killer captured by Ouyang has been silenced by someone else. As the police investigate the identity of the killer, they slowly uncover the presence of an vigilante organisation known as Dragontooth. This mysterious group has apparently been carrying out acts of ‘justice’, meting out capital punishment to criminals who they deem deserve to die.

Crisis #4

At this point, a male body is found, exposing a complicated string of love affairs between the protagonists involved in the case. The deceased is Leon , a male prostitute. He had a girlfriend as well as several love affairs. Everyone involved in this case seems to have a motive for murder, creating more complexity and confusion. One of the suspects, Melinda , is murdered soon after.

After an intensive investigation by the police, they arrest Gina , Gina had suspected her husband, Zhao Shi Qiang , of having an homosexual affair with Leon and had killed Leon in a fit of jealousy. Just when everyone thinks that the case has been solved, Dragontooth strikes again to mete out disciplinary action on the real killer. The truth is thus revealed; Gina did not murder Leon.

Final Crisis

Ouyang and Di Lun chase down the clues to the case. They suspect that Ryan Wu is a member of Dragontooth and forensic expert, Hu Xicun is in fact the leader of Dragontooth.

An Xiao-qian sets a trap for Xicun to lure Ryan out so that Dragontooth can be captured in one swoop. They manage to capture Xicun successfully. At this moment, Ouyang receives a call to that his foster mother Ouyang Su has been held hostage by Dragontooth. Ouyang is made to promise to rescue Xicun. With no other choice, Ouyang agrees and saves Xi Cun. However, he has already become a common enemy of Dragontooth. Not long after, Ryan’s body is discovered. At the scene of the murder, numerous evidence found point towards Ouyang as the murderer.


The police hunt down Ouyang. Ouyang, unwilling to admit defeat, becomes a wanted man. He escapes, secretly carries out his own investigations and discovers that someone close to him is involved with Dragontooth and framing him for Ryan's murder.

Xicun also finds out that a member has been going against Dragontooth’s principles in the quest for revenge. Now, he plans to discipline this errant offender with capital punishment personally...



The serial generated largely positive reviews from critics and recorded a viewership of over a million in its final episodes.

The serial received two nominations in the Star Awards 2007, but despite that, the serial managed to win both awards .

Rhapsody in Blue (TV series)

Rhapsody In Blue is a Singaporean drama which is being telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8 every weekday at 7pm in June, 2006. The show stars Jesseca Liu, , Guo Liang, Phyllis Quek, Eelyn Kok and Chen Hanwei.


*Jesseca Liu as Ding Yirou
*Chen Hanwei as Guo Yongtao
* as Lan Ziyuan
*Boon Hui Lu as Doudou
*Eelyn Kok as Zhao Cuiping
*Guo Liang as Ding Yixing
*Phyllis Quek as Alice
*Ong Ai Leng as Ya Er
*May Phua as Doudou's mother
*Zhu Houren as Ding Zhengda
*Hong Huifang as Guiying
*??? as Bryan
*??? as Timmi


Twenty-four-year-old teacher Ding Yirou decides to marry 40-year-old widower Guo Yongtao despite vehement objections from her parents and disapproval from Yongtao’s 11-year-old daughter Doudou . The stubborn and wilful girl runs away from home as a sign of protest and during the frantic search, Yongtao is killed instantly in a hit-and-run accident. Traumatised, Doudou loses her ability to speak. Yirou, out of guilt and love for Yongtao, decides to be Doudou’s guardian and takes the child into her family home.

The entire Ding family is against the idea of the anti-social Doudou moving into the household. However, Doudou hates Yirou for causing her father’s death and resents living with the ‘murderer’, thus deliberately causing chaos in the family.

Despite that, Yirou still takes on the role of a mother and brings Doudou for counseling, standing up to protect her when she is bullied at school and at home, even going great lengths to get Doudou transferred to the school where she teaches. Still, the girl is unmoved.

Cuiping and her boyfriend music therapist Ziyuan are facing a crisis of their own: Cuiping had hit a man during a fight with Ziyuan in his car and had driven off in shaking fear when they realized the man is dead. The accident haunts Cuiping, escalating wildly when she discovers the deceased is her colleague Yirou’s fiancé!

She has no courage to own up to the accident and so tries her best to be a better person to Yirou and Doudou to make up for it. Ziyuan also helps out by giving Doudou music therapy. Under his guidance and care, Doudou begins to open up about her hatred for Yirou. Ziyuan tries his best to let Doudou see the many things her guardian does for her behind her back.

Meanwhile, Alice , Yixing's guileful wife, often disrespect and henpeck him. Yixing only find solace when he is with her secretary, Ya Er . When Alice stumbles upon the truth, she vents her frustrations on her maid, Timmi, with an iron. A scalded Timmi runs off to the police and Alice was apprehended for maid abuse.

Yirou does not let up on trying to track down the driver who killed Yongtao. Her determination ironically causes Cuiping such panic that the latter develops a mental disorder and turns suicidal.

On the other hand, Ziyuan has been giving Yirou a lot of moral, spiritual and physical support and both begin to develop affections for each other. Nevertheless both withhold their feelings out of guilt and obligations to Yongtao and Cuiping respectively.

Their suspect relationship finally comes to Cuiping’s attention who wrangles out a confession from Ziyuan. His change of heart comes as a huge blow to Cuiping, who packs a weapon and tries to harm Yirou.


''Rhapsody In Blue'' has been nominated for four awards at Star Awards 2006. However, only Boon Hui Lu managed to bag an award.

*''Rhapsody in Blue'' - Best Drama Series
*Jesseca Liu - Best Actress
*Boon Hui Lu - Young Talent Award
*Joi Chua's 风铃 - Best Theme Song

Rhythm of Life (TV series)

Rhythm of Life is a Singaporean modern family drama, which was telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on 5 May 2008 and ended its run on 30 May 2008. The serial consists of 20 episodes.


Main Cast

* as Li Jun Jie
* Elvin Ng as Liu Zhi Yuan
* Jesseca Liu as Liu Zhi Ling
* Jeanette Aw as Chen Xiao Rou

Supporting Cast

* Dawn Yeoh as Wang Fei Fei
* Zzen Chang as Wang Tian Bao
* Julian Hee as Zhang Nan
* as Grandma


Playmates since childhood, buddies Junjie , Zhiyuan and Tianbao share big dreams for the future. Zhiyuan's sister Zhiling holds a torch for Junjie who is fond of the overbearing Xiaorou . Zhiyuan also falls for Xiaorou while Tianbao is secretly in love with Zhiling.

Their lives start spiraling downwards when Zhiling meets with an accident and dies. Junjie becomes despondent when he realizes he had had a chance to save her. He makes his way back to their childhood haunt, an old pond, throws in a coin and makes a wish. Zhiling suddenly appears at the other end of the pond, excited to see her, he loses his footing and falls into the pond. He is dragged to the bottom of the well by a mysterious force and when he regains consciousness, he finds himself back in time at the scene before Zhiling died. Is this an opportunity to right all the wrongs he has done? Will the future be for the better or for the worse?

Viewership Rating and Reception