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Rhapsody in Blue (TV series)

Rhapsody In Blue is a Singaporean drama which is being telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8 every weekday at 7pm in June, 2006. The show stars Jesseca Liu, , Guo Liang, Phyllis Quek, Eelyn Kok and Chen Hanwei.


*Jesseca Liu as Ding Yirou
*Chen Hanwei as Guo Yongtao
* as Lan Ziyuan
*Boon Hui Lu as Doudou
*Eelyn Kok as Zhao Cuiping
*Guo Liang as Ding Yixing
*Phyllis Quek as Alice
*Ong Ai Leng as Ya Er
*May Phua as Doudou's mother
*Zhu Houren as Ding Zhengda
*Hong Huifang as Guiying
*??? as Bryan
*??? as Timmi


Twenty-four-year-old teacher Ding Yirou decides to marry 40-year-old widower Guo Yongtao despite vehement objections from her parents and disapproval from Yongtao’s 11-year-old daughter Doudou . The stubborn and wilful girl runs away from home as a sign of protest and during the frantic search, Yongtao is killed instantly in a hit-and-run accident. Traumatised, Doudou loses her ability to speak. Yirou, out of guilt and love for Yongtao, decides to be Doudou’s guardian and takes the child into her family home.

The entire Ding family is against the idea of the anti-social Doudou moving into the household. However, Doudou hates Yirou for causing her father’s death and resents living with the ‘murderer’, thus deliberately causing chaos in the family.

Despite that, Yirou still takes on the role of a mother and brings Doudou for counseling, standing up to protect her when she is bullied at school and at home, even going great lengths to get Doudou transferred to the school where she teaches. Still, the girl is unmoved.

Cuiping and her boyfriend music therapist Ziyuan are facing a crisis of their own: Cuiping had hit a man during a fight with Ziyuan in his car and had driven off in shaking fear when they realized the man is dead. The accident haunts Cuiping, escalating wildly when she discovers the deceased is her colleague Yirou’s fiancé!

She has no courage to own up to the accident and so tries her best to be a better person to Yirou and Doudou to make up for it. Ziyuan also helps out by giving Doudou music therapy. Under his guidance and care, Doudou begins to open up about her hatred for Yirou. Ziyuan tries his best to let Doudou see the many things her guardian does for her behind her back.

Meanwhile, Alice , Yixing's guileful wife, often disrespect and henpeck him. Yixing only find solace when he is with her secretary, Ya Er . When Alice stumbles upon the truth, she vents her frustrations on her maid, Timmi, with an iron. A scalded Timmi runs off to the police and Alice was apprehended for maid abuse.

Yirou does not let up on trying to track down the driver who killed Yongtao. Her determination ironically causes Cuiping such panic that the latter develops a mental disorder and turns suicidal.

On the other hand, Ziyuan has been giving Yirou a lot of moral, spiritual and physical support and both begin to develop affections for each other. Nevertheless both withhold their feelings out of guilt and obligations to Yongtao and Cuiping respectively.

Their suspect relationship finally comes to Cuiping’s attention who wrangles out a confession from Ziyuan. His change of heart comes as a huge blow to Cuiping, who packs a weapon and tries to harm Yirou.


''Rhapsody In Blue'' has been nominated for four awards at Star Awards 2006. However, only Boon Hui Lu managed to bag an award.

*''Rhapsody in Blue'' - Best Drama Series
*Jesseca Liu - Best Actress
*Boon Hui Lu - Young Talent Award
*Joi Chua's 风铃 - Best Theme Song

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