Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Awakening (Singapore TV)

The Awakening is a 1984 television drama series produced by Singapore Broadcasting Corporation to celebrate the nation's 25th National Day celebrations. The series mainly covers the Chinese Singaporean experience in Singapore, from the first generation of Chinese immigrants, who arrived to a relatively undeveloped island, through the Japanese occupation periods, and to the Chinese Singaporeans at the present day , who resides in a developed nation that is radically different from the land their ancestors arrived to.


There are two parts to the series, and two sections in each of the parts:
*First Series
**The Awakening: Eternity covers the travails of the first generation of Chinese Singaporeans, who came to Singapore as migrants from China The most famous characters are Ah Mei and Ah Shui
**The Awakening: Before the Dawn of the Lion City covers the Japanese occupation of Singapore.
*Second Series
**The Awakening: Through the Storm Together covers the years after the Japanese occupation, and the events that led to Singapore's independence.
**The Awakening: Dawn at the Equator covers the development of Singapore after its independence

It was rumoured that the original plans for the series would have it end after the Japanese occupation of Singapore, which would have preempted the second series. It was rumoured that SBC decided to film a second series because 1984 coincided with Singapore's 25th National Day independence celebrations.

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