Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Out to Win

''Out to Win'' is a television serial set in modern-day Singapore. Produced by MediaCorp TV Channel 8, it starred Fann Wong in drama about a self-centred SIMEX trader who gradually alienates her friends and family by doing whatever it takes to rise up the corporate ladder. It is only through a car accident that she learns to empathise with the victim and learns the meaning of life.

This serial won Fann Wong a Best Actress nomination at Singapore's Star Awards 1999 and the viewership rating for this serial exceeded 30% during the last episode.


* Fann Wong - Coco Zhang Wenhua
* Ix Shen - Lin Zhengdong
* Lynn Poh - Chen Xiaoyan
* Lin Yisheng - Li Ziqiang
* Tracer Wong - Irene Wong
* Sean Say - He Ziyang

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